Bloomline Acoustics

Bloomline Acoustics


a solid and stable vertical phantom source that you can walk around
made from unobtrusive OmniDrive 360 degrees radiators,
a building stone for 3D audio without a ‘sweet spot’
that enables a free scalable listening area without limiting sight lines.

Whenever you hear a natural sound through loudspeakers, you are all too aware that it’s reproduced. That’s because our ear is capable of localizing sound objects by discerning their directivity patterns. By slightly moving your head you’ll recognize the loudspeaker’s acoustic signature, which proves you are not listening to the real thing.
A dreamed solution would be a loudspeaker that draws less attention to itself than to the sound it represents. It should be acoustically transparent, without adding or removing information while preserving sound stability in all directions. OmniWave, a revolutionary virtual speaker, is the first sound imaging device in the world to achieve this.